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    I do not cover Domestic Violence, Public Law or Legal Aid.

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    Dean is a London based Family Law solicitor, specialising in Divorce, Financial Settlements and Children Act applications.


    Dean can prepare your case. This includes drafting urgent applications, Form E and/or statements and drafting all Children Act applications.


    He can also attend court and source experts in their own fields, such as accountants and a barrister, if required.


    The service is second to none and Dean is always available to take a call no matter what the time, be it in the evening, or even at the weekend with his out of hours availability.


    He provides an emergency service if there is an urgent application and/or if advice is required.


    Examples include:

    • Children not returned from child arrangement.
    • An application is required in a financial divorce case.


    I do not cover Domestic Violence, Public Law or Legal Aid.

    • Divorce
      I am here to guide, assist and support you every step of the way to ensure a smooth and successful divorce. Explore »
    • Children Act Matters
      To minimise stress, I will support you in every way and provide my expertise at every stage of the process. Explore »
    • All family financial matters
      I have an extensive and impressive reputation for achieving the best outcome. Explore »
    • Grandparents
      When your relationship with your children has broken down and, because of this, you do not see your grandchildren, there is a way forward. Explore »
    • The Bank of Mum and Dad
      This is where the parents of the child are asked for certain things. Before anything is agreed over, the parents should seek advice. Explore »
    • Family Court Representation
      I will do my utmost to get my clients the result they want and need. I have a great deal of experience in Court helping people who are going through difficult times. Explore »
    • Asset Protection
      Asset protection is when, either before marriage, or after separation – and/or a pending divorce – instructions are taken to see if there is a way that certain assets can be protected. For example, inheritance (the list is not exhaustive). Explore »
    • Change of Solicitor
      Clients sometimes say to me, “I am unhappy with my solicitor”, or “I am unhappy with the service and route they are taking me down.” Explore »
    • Consent/Court Orders
      Consent Orders can come in Children Act Matters or Financial Remedy Matters where parties agree something, and it is put in formal writing. Furthermore, if both parties by consent have agreed to do something. Explore »
    • Emergency Applications
      An example of a Financial Matter: you hear that a party is going to draw down a large pension that belongs to the couple and this should not be done. Explore »
    • Enforcement Proceedings
      For example, if an order is breached (or not kept), then enforcement proceedings can begin to put the matter right. Explore »
    • Injunctive Proceedings/Occupation Order/Abuse
      This is when a person is known to the other and is causing that person to live in fear, or to be controlled by the perpetrator. Explore »
    • International People
      If you find you are living overseas and Children Act or divorce proceedings, for example, have begun (the list is not exhaustive), and you are thinking, “how can I deal with matters?” Explore »
    • Intervenors
      If there is more than one party, then these parties are called intervenors. Explore »
    • LGBT Clients
      I have transgender clients and same-sex couples, and I understand how important it is to make a person feel both comfortable and at ease when they come to see me for legal advice. Explore »
    • Maintenance
      Maintenance is there to assist a struggling party both during a divorce and at the end (in financial remedy matters). It is agreed that a party will pay either for a child or children and/or the husband or wife to have maintenance for a period of time to help them adjust. Explore »
    • Out of Hours
      Often an email is sent to a client from the opposition solicitor, but they do not understand the content that they have been sent. They may have to wait all weekend (or maybe longer) to obtain the reply. Explore »
    • Possessions on Ending a Relationship
      When a relationship breaks down, sometimes the only things left are possessions and these could be pictures, or children; maybe a special gift or someone’s tools (the list is not exhaustive). Explore »



    … but always think and consult a professional before you act, don’t let these emotions make your decisions.

    When lives are torn apart because of relationship breakdown, people often come to me feeling unable to cope with the rejection or loss. I am a highly experienced, proactive and client-focused Solicitor who has over 20 years of experience. I specialise in providing an Out of Hours service that is tailored to accommodate busy people who cannot easily take time out of work to see a solicitor. When others are closed and you have a problem, I will be available.

    While Dean is based in London, and is available for office meetings there, his reach is far and wide and he covers all of England and Wales with regards to Family instructions.

    In addition to office meetings, if you do not live in a local area we can aim to accommodate in another suitable location. We also offer remote meetings to clients via telephone, Zoom, teams, Facetime and WhatsApp. Dean can assist you wherever you are based. This includes Court representation.


    He also handles international cases.


    Dean offers the following Representation service:-

    Family Law fixed fee representation at court and representation throughout England and Wales at all children act matters (but not public law matters involving social services), up to the first appointment and final hearing and any emergency applications.

    With regards to financial divorce Dean offers all the services including completing Form E and he will attend all the hearing up to the Final hearing.


    I do not cover Domestic Violence, Public Law or Legal Aid.

    About me

    The courtroom is my arena where I fight on my clients’ behalf. Whether it be children or finances, I will do my utmost to get the result my clients want and need. I have a great deal of experience in helping people who are going through difficult times.