Financial Settlements

“What are fair and reasonable financial settlements in my case?”


There are many different answers to this question.


Whether you have limited assets or high incomes, businesses, pensions and other substantial assets that need dividing, there are fair ways to settle out of court; which is always preferable in keeping costs and time frames down.


Compromise is key and whilst this may seem unachievable when emotions are running high, often instructing a Family Solicitor, who is working for you, will help to reach fair financial settlements.


Instructing a solicitor means that you can remove the extra stress and worry associated with the financial side of divorce. Solicitors understand the ‘legal jargon’, can draft Form E and other court documents and applications if required; and work on your behalf so that you know what you should be entitled to.


If your case does end up going to court, I undertake my own representation (in England and Wales only) and round table arbitration, saving you the extra Barrister costs. Knowing your case inside out already, this gives you a greater chance of success both in court and out.