Separation & Children/Children Act Matters

Children Act matters can become very highly conflicted. When there is a breakdown in communication between the couple, the living and visiting arrangements of the children are not always agreed amicably. When informal arrangements are made, sometimes issues arise over the child not being returned on time. One party may also want or need to move to a different location within or outside of the country. These changes can all cause great despair and/or anxiety for all parties, including the children.


Family Law issues should always be dealt with constructively, positively and using the most empathetic approach possible. I focus on providing you with a service that is firmly focused on reaching a positive outcome for everyone involved. My approach is to encourage mediation agreement/compromise wherever possible as it is crucial, and, where possible, I will avoid court proceedings which, in turn, will reduce legal costs. However, should your case need to be resolved in court, I will support you in every way and provide my expertise at every stage to minimise stress.