Family Court Representation

Whether it is a final hearing for children act matter or FDR in financial matter, or an emergency application, the Courtroom is my arena where I fight on my clients’ behalf.


I will do my utmost to get my clients the result they want and need. I have a great deal of experience in helping people who are going through difficult times.


I offer fixed fee family court representation for the following:


  • Children Act Matters at all stages including emergency application, which include:
    • child arrangements application and specific issue
    • prohibited steps application includes leave to remove from the area or to another country
    • application for grandparents application
    • fact finding
  • With regards to Divorce and family matters, I can offer:
    • shuttle mediation
    • first appointment
    • FDR whether in court or private and final hearing
  • I also offer urgent application where a party has not adhered to a court order and refuses to sign transfer papers.
  • Private non-molestation if the same is not covered by legal aid.


It does not matter where in the country the case is located I am willing to travel.