High Net Worth Divorce

High net worth can mean anything nowadays. Many people have a home worth a lot of money or rental properties; a business or pensions, shares and savings that have built up throughout the time of the marriage.


Unfortunately, these sums are divided at divorce, which raises many questions:

  • How will I survive
  • Who will take the main residence
  • Who will the children live with
  • Where will I live


It is a difficult time and tensions can be high. However, the costs soon escalate when matters are not agreed and litigation begins regarding high net worth divorce.

I have the experience to assist you in dealing with every eventuality. I will always try to keep things harmonious and will offer a cost-effective service. Furthermore, I will ensure you are protected should your spouse choose to behave in an abusive manner or be reluctant to agree to a fair settlement.

I promise you will not go through divorce alone.