Possessions on ending a relationship

When a relationship breaks down, sometimes the only things left are possessions and these could be pictures, or children; maybe a special gift or someone’s tools (the list is not exhaustive). Matters can become very heated if one party has left the house, but their possessions are still there.

Civil partnerships have only recently related to two people of the same sex. However, from 2 December 2019, the law was changed, allowing opposite-sex couples to register a civil partnership in England and Wales.

A Civil Partnership Dissolution Order is largely akin to a divorce in relation to a marriage, but with some differences. Regarding a civil partnership dissolution, there is only one ground for a Dissolution Order: the irretrievable breakdown of the civil partnership evidenced by one of the four supporting facts.


There are ways to retrieve them without spending large sums of money. Sometimes it can also be done as part of an on-going litigation.