How / Why do People Change their Solicitor?

Getting divorced, having a relationship and/or children issue are very personal things, and a lot of people ask, ‘why do people change solicitor?’

I am straight-talking, and some people either love or hate that type of solicitor, but during times of emergencies or crises (such as divorce), it is important to have that special bond with your legal advisor.

I find the most common theme is clients feeling disregarded, and there may be many reasons for that (which I cannot comment on).

It is never too late to move on your matter, but bear in mind that, first, the file must be obtained from the other solicitor, and the file must be read, and there is a cost to that.

Or, if you are a litigant in person, make sure you get all the papers scanned over as soon as possible.

Sometimes, a case just needs another pair of eyes to look over it: a barrister may be able to assist as part of the team. It could just be that another person could move it along more quickly.

It could be that action is needed to conclude matters.

The most important thing is that you are happy with your solicitor, and that you have a good relationship with him/her.

As an example, I have often been contacted and have worked over the weekend to make an emergency application for a Children Act case

I once had a litigant in person (that was recommend to me), who called me, crying and asking if I would take their case on as they could not sleep, because of the endless emails or letters they were receiving.

If I can add value to a case, I will tell you.

How to change your solicitor:  Make sure your bill is up-to-date and paid and, if you have another solicitor, they will send over a notice saying that they are now instructed.

Sometimes there is no reason save the client and legal representative is just not the right fit.