COVID-19 and Children: Drink and Drugs – the Danger Signs

As we are all aware, the COVID-19 pandemic (and ensuing restrictions) has added a lot of pressure to people who were already feeling challenged.

You may be in a situation where you have children, and you either were, or are, in proceedings; you have been in a relationship where one of the parties has, for example, been taking drugs, and the person concerned has said that they would not do this around the children; you may have noticed that the person has been drinking more alcohol than usual.

Just think of the impact that this would have if that person were looking after a child. There may have been an issue in the past (or even now in the present), with the person having been previously tested for usage.

If there are concerns, then consideration may have to be given to making an urgent application or submissions by way of a formal letter, contact the police to ask them to make a welfare check at home or inform social services.

COVID-19 has brought uncertain times, and it has touched more lives than during other periods of economic downturn when redundancies occurred.

People of a certain age would have to go back to the days of mass unemployment (and the old UB40 card) to understand how certain events caused communities in the past to run out of work.

In these cases, it has touched areas that have never been touched before, and ‘lest we forget’ the loss of life which, once again, has brought sorrow and grief.

The Writer sends his condolences to everyone affected.